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About the Baer
Hallo Welt!
I am a seasoned technologist, former Crowd Sourcerer, and general tinkerer with a penchant for chasing after shiny things.

My interests are broad and varied. I'm always looking for new things to learn and explore. Here are a few of the things I'm passionate about:


I'm a long time lover of microcontrollers and hobby electronics. I love working with the Ardiuno, Teensy, ESP32, and Raspberry Pi platforms.

Generative AI

I enjoy exploring new LLMs and their applications within agents and othere higher order use cases. I believe LLMs will fundamentally change the way we interact with technology and design systems and products.

Software Development

I've been hacking and writing code since I was a kid. From my early days with BASIC on my TRS-80 to my current work with Typescript and other modern languages, I love building things with code and learning new languages and design patterns.


I have a deep interest in cryptography and it's many applications. I believe cryptography is a fundamental to privacy and becomes increasingly important as we continue to enmesh our lives with technology.


I'm passionate about automation and making life easier for developers. I love automating and streamlining SDLC and building out CI/CD pipelines.


I'm fascinated by the potential of blockchain and it's many applications and have dabbled in this space. I believe blockchains will enable decentralized systems and applications which will allow for a more resilient, secure, and private internet.


Various and sundry things

Read Between the Lines

Subter is a secure communications platform that allows you to send and receive messages using cryptography and steganography.

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Ursa Science

Ursa Science is a company that is aiming to disrupt science instrumentation through a modular design system, freeing users to construct systems on the fly.