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About the Baer
Hallo Welt!
I am a seasoned technologist, former Crowd Sourcerer, and general tinkerer with a penchant for chasing after shiny things.

My interests are broad and varied. I'm always looking for new things to learn and explore. Here are a few of the things I'm passionate about:


I'm a long time lover of microcontrollers and hobby electronics. I love working with the Ardiuno, Teensy, ESP32, and Raspberry Pi platforms.

Generative AI

I enjoy exploring new LLMs and their applications within agents and othere higher order use cases. I believe LLMs will fundamentally change the way we interact with technology and design systems and products.

Software Development

I've been hacking and writing code since I was a kid. From my early days with BASIC on my TRS-80 to my current work with Typescript and other modern languages, I love building things with code and learning new languages and design patterns.


I have a deep interest in cryptography and it's many applications. I believe cryptography is a fundamental to privacy and becomes increasingly important as we continue to enmesh our lives with technology.


I'm passionate about automation and making life easier for developers. I love automating and streamlining SDLC and building out CI/CD pipelines.


I'm fascinated by the potential of blockchain and it's many applications and have dabbled in this space. I believe blockchains will enable decentralized systems and applications which will allow for a more resilient, secure, and private internet.


Various and sundry things

Read Between the Lines

Subter is a secure communications platform that allows you to send and receive messages using cryptography and steganography.

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Ursa Science

Ursa Science is a company that is aiming to disrupt science instrumentation through a modular design system, freeing users to construct systems on the fly.


Books I'm currently reading



By Neal Stephenson

The Rust Programming Language

The Rust Programming Language

By Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols

The Autobiography of Sir Götz von Berlichingen

The Autobiography of Sir Götz von Berlichingen

By Götz von Berlichingen



A collection of short stories by Cory Doctorow

Embedded Networking With CAN and CANopen

Embedded Networking With CAN and CANopen

By Olaf Pfeiffer, Andrew Ayre, Christian Keydel, Marc Ayre

This Is Your Mind on Plants

This Is Your Mind on Plants

By Michael Pollan